Mergers & Acquisitions

When acquiring a company, a well considered “financial due diligence” is the basis for fair purchase price determination, a legally secure purchase agreement and an effective integration plan. During the entire merger & acquisition process, our experts will carry out a detailed analysis of the financials and management of the company acquisition. The goal is to create an optimal starting position for the acquisition.

We will carry out a company valuation in line with market requirements as preparation for the purchase or sale of a company or business units. This will allow us to provide you a specific market value – a valuable launching point for successful negotiations.

Are your transaction processes challenging? We will accompany you in all phases of the transaction: Preliminary strategy development (pre-deal), complex roll out (execution) and final integration of the acquired company (post-deal). Our experienced team will assist you over the entire duration of the transaction process with the goal of successfully implementing the deal.

We’re there for you in all of your processes – contact us!